Launching A GameFi Project? Here’s How Not To Go Belly Up

Almost every blockchain founder thinks that their project is the best in the market. You must have heard a startup team say something along the lines of, ‘We are the best because we are better’. This unfounded optimism about one’s product leads to sad results: in 90% (if not in 98%) of cases the project doesn’t just fail — it can’t even enter the market. The founders don’t have enough money to bootstrap it and external investors aren’t eager to sign a check.

We’re seeing the same thing in the Web3 industry. The market is overheated, with dozens of projects launching every day — all promising to solve all your pains, help you earn money, make 20x — all this with a 100% certainty, simply because the founders are convinced of the product.

GameFi in particular has become a victim of this can-do attitude. Once the hype train left the station, the market was suddenly overwhelmed by thousands of copycat projects. GameFi was starting to look like the cloning facility from Star Wars Episode 1.

There are exceptions, of course: lots of projects that can add real value to the industry and have already found their product/market fit. However, the many issues they face in the fundraising stage prevent them from realizing their potential.

This isn’t our topic today, but my first bit of alpha will have to do with investments. BDC’s brilliant Marketing Strategy Director Roman Aliev has prepared a simple checklist that will help you understand how prepared your project is for a private or public fundraising round (an IDO/INO/IMO/IGO…). Don’t rush: check if you are ready first.

And now let’s turn to the main subject of this article.

Marketing is the key element of any startup strategy. Even if your product already has traction, you won’t be able to scale and expand to other GEOs without marketing.

At BDC, we’ve conducted research, audits, and analysis for dozens of GameFi projects. We managed to identify a set of winning market techniques that helped them achieve success — techniques that I will share with you.



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