Why competition analysis should inform all your strategic decision-making

BDC Consulting helps Web3 projects grow their business and make data-driven strategic decisions. To obtain that data, we conduct global market research, using information from public sources, personal interactions with the target audience, and competition analysis.

It’s the latter — competitor analysis — that we’ll talk about in this article, looking at some practical challenges that it can solve.

Who is this case study for?

For companies that face strong competitors and want to stay a step ahead of them.

The challenge: identifying growth opportunities for a payment provider

Our client in this case study was a leading crypto payment processing company. As we were working on a growth strategy for the upcoming year, we identified the key growth vectors that could help the client to increase revenue and profit by hundreds of percentage points.

The list of growth vectors included:

  • Developing a network of partner resellers;
  • Optimizing the customer onboarding process;
  • Expanding into new market segments;
  • Improving brand awareness.



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